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Outcome 5

Meaningful Connections and Hope

100% of students will experience meaningful connections and hope for their future.


  • IMPLEMENT a robust and sustainable multi-tiered system of support that attends to the social, emotional, and behavioral needs of all students.
  • PROVIDE all students a safe and positive learning environment that fosters community while embracing diversity, equity, and inclusive practices.
  • UTILIZE trauma-informed practices and culturally relevant pedagogy to support student success.
  • ENGAGE students, staff, and community in opportunities that support the whole child.

About the Data

The PSD student surveys are anonymous to promote honest feedback on the school culture, climate, and student feelings. Students are asked to provide some information about themselves to support a deeper analysis of the results. The responses below are provided for all students, divided by school levels, and broken out by race/ethnicity. 

Specific Questions Asked of Students: 

  • Sense of Belongingness 
    • In my school, I feel that I belong to a group of friends. 
    • There's at least one adult in this school I can talk to if I have a problem. 
    • I feel good about my cultural or ethnic background. 
    • This school has effective equity practices for all.
    • I feel proud of my school.
  • Future Orientation 
    • I am hopeful about my future. 
    • I am good at staying focused on my goals.
    • I know I will graduate from high school.
    • I have a plan for what I want to do after high school.