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Advisory Board

The Career and Technical Education Advisory Committee is appointed by school districts to help improve programs that prepare students to enter and succeed in the workforce. Members, who represent business and labor, have expertise in the skills and competencies needed for specific occupations. Because committee members have extensive knowledge of the area they advise, instructors and administrators take their role seriously. Committees are goal-oriented and achieve results. They promote constructive and necessary change within a program, generate new ideas and serve as advocates for quality career and technical education.

Our district organizes or participates in 12 industry-specific advisory committees and our General Advisory Council that serves our entire area through the Tri Cities Area Cooperative. Advisory Committees provide the opportunity for industry professionals and teachers to come together to guide programs and coursework that align with the needs of industry. Committee members are valuable assets in making connections and identifying potential resources for teachers and students. Members also help support student leadership organizations by serving as event judges and providing mentorship. Advisory Committees include:

  • Ag Science
  • Automotive
  • American Sign Language
  • Business and Marketing Management
  • Computer Applications/STEM
  • Delta STEM
  • Family and Consumer Science
  • Photography
  • Skilled and Technical Education
  • Sports Medicine
  • Translation and Interpretation
  • Visual Communication

If you are interested in joining one of our committees, please contact Laura Jones