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Teaching Academy

The Teaching Academy is year-long high school course designed to attract students to the field of education and provide information and field experiences relevant to pursuing a degree in education. The goal is to expand bilingual initiatives to provide a long-term sustainable pathway for bilingual students to become educators in the district.

The Teaching Academy course offers students the opportunity to learn about a career in education, participate in a practicum work-site experience at an elementary school, and earn college credit through Columbia Basin Community College.​ 

Students participate in events and activities that provide meaningful connections. Events include:  

  • College campus tours and educational leadership summits where students engage with college professors and participate in career activities. These activities help students visualize themselves as being successful in college.  
  • Future Teacher Signing Night with Superintendent Whitney to celebrate students who enroll at a college or university to pursue education.​ 
PSD Teaching Academy student sitting at a table with younger students during their student teaching
Two Teaching Academy students
Two Teaching Academy students
Teaching Academy students while on a field trip wearing ponchos in the rain

Student Testimonials

Quote 4

We love the real-life experience of teaching.
- Kianna and Kyliani 

Quote 3

I didn’t want to become a teacher until I entered this program.
- Hailie

Quote 2

Getting the opportunity to go into classes and get the full teaching experience.
- Ignacio

Alumnus Success Story: Yizel Estrada

"As an alumnus of the Teaching Academy program, it gave me an opportunity at an internship that allowed me to apply firsthand experiences in a 7th grade classroom with the courses I’m now taking, which many don’t have the advantage to do until they get further into this degree. I saw various teaching strategies, class environments, class subjects, and student interactions. Seeing how much more educators do as teachers as they don’t simply stand in front of a class, teach, grade, and go home. This class showed me there was much more to teaching than meets the eye, and I’m grateful to have taken this class as I was able to experience all of it firsthand."
- Yizel Estrada

Stay Connected

The district is committed to maintaining connections with alumni of the Teaching Academy program, ensuring they have access to ongoing opportunities for professional growth and career advancement. By staying in touch, we aim to cultivate a supportive network that fosters continuous learning and development within the educational community.


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