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2024 Graduation Information

It's time to celebrate our 2024 graduates! Pasco School District will hold high school graduation ceremonies from June 6-8. All ceremonies will be livestreamed.

2024 Graduation Schedule

  • Delta High School: Thursday, June 6 at 7 pm, HAPO Center, 6600 Burden Blvd., Pasco
  • New Horizons High School: Friday, June 7 at 7 pm, Edgar Brown Stadium, 801 N 18th Ave., Pasco
  • Chiawana High School: Saturday, June 8 at 10 am, Edgar Brown Stadium, 801 N 18th Ave., Pasco
  • Pasco High School: Saturday, June 8 at 6 pm, Edgar Brown Stadium, 801 N 18th Ave., Pasco

Reminders About Edgar Brown Stadium

  • Early Arrival: We encourage you to arrive early as parking is limited. Plan to be seated at least 15 minutes before the ceremony begins. Once the procession starts, seating will not be permitted. Gates will open an hour before each ceremony starts. 
  • Parking: Since there is limited parking in the parking lots, we recommend you park on the streets, or any of the designated parking lot locations below. We are also offering shuttle services this year for the Chiawana and Pasco High School ceremonies. Please see the information and schedule at the bottom of this webpage.
    Edgar Brown Parking Map


  • Seating: Please take note of whether your graduate will be sitting on the 'Home' or 'Visitor' side of the field. If your graduate is on the 'Home' side, please park near the 'Home' entrance and enter through the 'Home' entrance. Similarly, if your graduate is on the 'Visitor' side, please park near the 'Visitor' entrance and enter through the 'Visitor' entrance.
Edgar Brown Graduation Seating


  • Refreshments: While outside liquids are not allowed inside the stadium, water will be available for purchase. Please remember to stay hydrated during the event. 
  • Restrooms: Restroom facilities will be accessible on both sides of the stadium for your convenience. 

  • Footwear Advisory: For the safety of all participants, we kindly request that stiletto heels not be worn on the field. This will help prevent any accidents or damage to the turf. 

  • Balloons: Balloons are welcome to be tied or clipped to the fence at the entrance.  

  • Umbrellas: You can bring an umbrella, but please be sure to close them 10 minutes before the ceremony begins so everyone can enjoy the ceremony. 

We hope these changes will make your graduation experience at Edgar Brown Stadium even more memorable. We look forward to celebrating this amazing accomplishment with you and your graduate! 

Shuttle Information for PHS and CHS Ceremonies on Saturday, June 8