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High School & Beyond Plan

At Pasco School District, we believe in nurturing not just students but future leaders, dreamers, and achievers. The High School & Beyond Plan (HSBP) is more than just a graduation requirement; it's a journey tailored to each student's aspirations, strengths, and dreams.

A Pathway to Success

The High School & Beyond Plan is a well-structured sequence of lessons and experiences thoughtfully designed and delivered by our dedicated staff. It's a personalized roadmap, a compass that guides students through their educational journey and beyond.

Individualized and Meaningful

Grounded in the unique interests, strengths, and hopes of every student, the HSBP is a meaningful, individualized plan. It's not a one-size-fits-all approach but a carefully crafted blueprint for each student's future.

Engaging Conversations and Real-World Experiences

We understand the power of meaningful conversations with caring adults and the value of real-world experiences. That's why our students engage in deeper, structured dialogues and hands-on experiences that keep them motivated, on the path to graduation, and prepared for success in the world beyond high school.

Continuous Evaluation and Refinement

Our commitment to your success doesn't end at the planning stage. High School & Beyond Plans are reviewed at least annually to assess your progress, refine your plan, including course registration, and chart the course for your post-high school journey. It's the opportunity to ensure you're on track to meet high school graduation requirements and reach your full potential.

What's Included in Your Plan

Your High School & Beyond Plan is a comprehensive roadmap that includes:

  1. Career Goals: Identification of your career goals, based on a career interest and skills inventory or assessment.

  2. Educational Goals: Clear identification of your educational goals.

  3. Activity Log: A resume or activity log that compiles your education, work experiences, and community service, showcasing your growth and accomplishments by the end of twelfth grade.

  4. Four-Year Course Plan: A strategic four-year course plan that not only fulfills graduation requirements but also aligns seamlessly with your career and educational aspirations. Rest assured, our counselors are here to keep this document on track.

Activities by Grade Level

The following activities are required for the current school year.

View more information about the High School and Beyond Plan on the Ready WA website.