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English Language Learning

Pasco School District students and families bring rich cultural and linguistic resources to our schools. Our goal is to harness this strength by helping every student in our district graduate bilingual and biliterate. 

Valuing languages and cultures… 

  • Affirms and strengthens students’ identities. 
  • Builds stronger cognitive and academic skills. 
  • Supports students to reach higher levels of language proficiency. 
  • Encourages family and community involvement. 
  • Develops global citizenship and 21st century skills. 
  • Provides greater opportunities for multilingual careers. 

Instructional Approaches 

Accessible Content

Teachers use instructional strategies to make grade-level standards and content accessible to all students, regardless of their proficiency.

Language Development

Teachers review progress and provide targeted instruction to support students’ individual language needs.

Peer Interaction

Teachers plan and implement structures for frequent peer interaction to develop students’ oral language and literacy skills.

Language Connections

Teachers engage students in intentional opportunities to make connections between English and other languages.

Program Model

English Language Learners (ELL) services support development of students’ English language skills and ensure access to grade level academic content for all students. Students qualify for ELL services until they reach a high level of English skills, not only in speaking and listening, but also in reading and writing. 

Teachers in all classrooms provide English language learning support and integrate students’ home languages and cultures to promote bilingualism and build positive cultural identities.