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Identification and Notification Process

Notifications to Families About Testing

In early 2023, we will notify families of all students in grades first and fifth grade about the Highly Capable Program and the process for testing and identification.

Testing & Referrals

In early 2023, all students in first and fifth grade students will be universally screened for the potential to receive highly capable services. 

Students in all grades may be referred for testing by their parent/guardian, teacher, principal, another staff member, other students, themselves or a community member.  

For student referrals, you may submit your referral online when it becomes available in fall 2023. 

*Please note that screening for Highly Capable identification is limited to students enrolled in Pasco School District Schools.

Eligibility Determined

Pasco teachers of highly capable students, school psychologists, school and district administrators, specialists such as SPED, bilingual, and math specialists meet to review student data and make recommendations using a holistic case study review. This holistic case study review process examines up to three years of a student’s academic and cognitive test scores, comparing each student with others of their age, experiences, and environments.

Parents Notified 

Letters are mailed to parents/guardians of students indicating whether the student has been identified as eligible for Highly Capable Program services. Parents have the right to refuse highly capable services at any time. If a student is eligible for a service that requires a student to transfer schools, the letter will ask the parents/guardians if they would like their child to participate in the district’s specially designed Highly Capable service. Placement in a service is provisional and will undergo periodic review to ensure that each student is demonstrating consistent academic progress.