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New Teacher Supports

Pasco’s New Teacher Induction Program 

Our New Teacher Mentors provide support to novice teachers through job-embedded professional learning. Our Induction Program is supported by a grant from OSPI’s Beginning Educator Support Team (BEST), and all expectations are rooted in the Washington State Standards for Beginning Educator Induction. 

Why does Pasco Invest in Induction? 

By providing comprehensive induction we:  

  • Reduce Teacher Turnover by Improving Overall Experience 

  • Improve teacher Quality for student learning 

  • Ensure Equity of Learning Opportunity for All Students 

  • Help Build a Diverse Teaching Force 

What can you Expect from our District Mentors? 

  • CONNECTION - Our priority is to build meaningful Mentor/Mentee relationships with our new teachers so that the conversations around opportunities for growth are safe and meaningful. We encourage novice teachers to examine their practice through non-evaluative observations and reflections with their mentor.  

  • VALIDATION - We recognize the realities of a new teacher’s experience and set up timely meetings to help them acclimate to their new teaching load. We help them understand that feelings they have from day-to-day, and month-to-month are normal based on the Phases of the New Teacher's Attitude Towards Teaching.   

  • SUPPORT-  We offer Just-in-Time monthly training opportunities tailored for new teachers in addition to the in-the-moment support provided during check-ins. We partner with buildings to reiterate access to critical knowledge of district systems, Initiatives, curriculum and existing support.  

Mentors are in every aspect of life, both personal and professional. Some of us have a never-ending list, and some only have a few. Either way, a mentor supports, assist, encourages, listens and does so many other actions that make a difference."
- Amanda Brueggeman (Student-Centered Mentoring)