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School Funding

Levies, bonds and the ever dwindling State education budget are hard to track even for those who follow it closely. When false or misleading information gets out into the public it only complicates the situation and people are left feeling confused and overwhelmed.

The story of the decade in Pasco has been growth. As more and more houses have sprung up across our community, the number of students in our district has more than doubled in the past decade. Each school day nearly 17,000 students attend Pasco schools. Providing those students with a sound education requires a workforce of over 2,200 people and an operating budget of almost $178 million.

Where Does Pasco School District's Funding Come From?

Our schools receive money from four sources:

  • Federal Government (18.1%)
  • Washington State (75.6%)
  • Local (4.7%)
  • Grants and Other Sources (1.6%)

What is the Difference Between Bonds & Levies? 

Levies are for learning, and bonds are for building.

At Pasco School District, we are very grateful to voters for their ongoing support of school operation levies and most recently, our bond. The children of our community benefit every day from the resources provided by you, the voters.