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Health Services

The Health Services Department coordinates and provides health and social services to promote a healthy school community and maximize educational outcomes.

Health Requirements for School Enrollment

All students need proof of immunizations or a completed certificate of exemption for immunizations, on file, the first day of school attendance. If you need to update this information, please upload the documentation through PowerSchool or connect with your school office. If your student plans to attend, the following forms must be on file at your student’s school:

  1. Medically verified CIS form OR
  2. Certificate of Exemption

Students who need medications or treatments during school, are required to have a signed medication authorization form and necessary supplies from a licensed healthcare provider before we can administer medications/treatments. A student may not enroll in school without the ordered medication and completed medication authorization form for required medications or treatments.

*Students that are eligible for the McKinney-Vento program are not required to provide health documents at the time of enrollment as a condition of enrollment. If there are barriers for the family to access these documents please contact the McKinney-Vento liaison.  


Billie Wensveen, MSN, RN NCSN
Health Services Coordinator 509-416-7826