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Report a Concern

Vector Alert (formerly SafeSchools Alert) is the District's tip reporting system that allows students, parents, staff and community members to confidentially submit concerns regarding safety, harassment, intimidation, and bullying to district administration. Reports may be submitted anonymously.

BEFORE submitting a tip, please see our Who to Contact page for simple guidance on who to contact with questions, concerns, or positive feedback regarding your child, your child's school, or the district.

  • You can submit online through the Vector Alert website.
  • You can submit via phone by either texting or calling 509-956-4580.
  • You can submit via email.

Note: This is an automated system and tips are not reviewed immediately by district personnel. Tips are generally reviewed within one business day of submission. If your tip is in regards to an immediate danger or a life-threatening emergency, please call 9-1-1.



Aubrey Pitzer 
PSD Safety & Risk Manager 
509-543-6700, Ext. 2349