• Welcome to Fiscal Services       

    Kevin Hebdon
    Kevin Hebdon
    Executive Director of
    Fiscal Services

    Executive Director of Fiscal Services:  Kevin Hebdon
    Secretary to the Executive Director:  Terry Kneblik
    Phone:  509-543-6741
    Fax:  509-543-6707

    Administrative Support
    Accounting Supervisor: Julie Thompson, 509-416-7815  
    Deputy Accounting Supervisor: Jody Hockaday, 509-546-2652 
    Financial Analyst: Margarita Sotelo-Alpizar, 509-546-2653  
    Purchasing Agent: Marvin Moore, 509-543-6093  
    Systems Analyst: Alan Gomez, 509-546-2665

    Mission Statement
    Fiscal Services is dedicated to providing support and fiscal guidance to school administration and staff so they can focus on addressing the academic and extracurricular needs of our students. We promote fiscal responsibility through accurate accounting and reporting, asset protection, systems optimization, quality procurement practices, and sound cash management using short and long range budget and financial planning.

    If you have questions regarding the District's finances please call our office at 509-543-6741.