Travel Expectations When Traveling Outside of Pasco, WA

    1. All student athletes are expected to travel on a bus/district vehicle to and from the competition location:
         a. Grades 9-12
         b. Even to locations in Kennewick and Richland, WA
         c. During special circumstances, a parent/legal guardian must pre-approve their child through the Head coach or PHS Athletic office in order to get to the competition via an alternate form of transportation (i.e. the student will drive themselves or the parent will give the child a ride). Special circumstances may include but are not limited to; family functions, school performances/functions, and work-related commitments.
          d. Student athletes will never be permitted to ride to and from a competition with another student athlete unless they are immediate family and special circumstances are in effect (see above).
          e. Student athletes must ride the bus back to PHS unless:
                   i. There were prior arrangements by the parent/legal guardian with the Head Coach or Athletics office (See ‘C’ above).
                  ii. A parent or legal guardian signs the student athlete out after the competition and before the bus departs the location and travels back to PHS.

    2. Students will be supervised by a contracted Pasco High School coach at all times while on the bus:
          a. For every trip, there will be at least one PHS coach on the bus supervising the student athletes

    3. Coaches will be required to:
          a. Document and take attendance of all student athletes on the bus to and from the destination.
          b. Collect written proof that a parent/legal guardian has signed out their child from riding the bus to or from the destination before the bus departs.
          c. The coach(s) that ride the bus must also stay at PHS upon return until all PHS student athletes have been picked up at the school.
          d. Make sure the bus is left in good standing with no messes or spills left on the bus upon return to PHS.




    A QUEST FOR EXCELLENCE Research has found a powerful link, not only between sports and academic performance, but also between participation in extracurricular activities in general, and in academic performance.

    U. S. Education Department research has found that students who participate in extracurricular activities make better grades, have better attendance records and are more likely to go to college. Participation allows students to apply classroom lessons in real-world situations. And extracurricular activities are a great value—typically 1% to 3% of school budgets.

    Athletic competition is truly an extension of the classroom. And what a unique classroom it is! Athletes, parents, coaches, spectators and faculty all teaching and learning at the same time. This classroom is where parents can be part of a positive educational exercise with their sons and daughters, both as athletes and fans. The coach can be both teaching, and leading, by example! Officials facilitate the competition with fairness and objectivity, while showing respect for the participants and receiving the same from contestants, coaches, fans and school administrators.

    An exciting environment and the support of an entire community provide participants with a sense of pride and a lifetime of memories.

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