• ravens

    Jennifer Melendrez

    Student Enrollment (2021-2022): 497 (approx.)
    Brick and Mortar Classrooms: 33
    Portable Classrooms: 6

  • Rosalind Franklin STEM Elementary is the Pasco School District’s first science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) elementary school. Our school opened in August 2014 and serves students in grades K-5. It is one of three new STEM schools in Pasco named after prominent women of science.

    Rosalind Franklin was a crystallographer whose work was pivotal to the discovery of the double helix, the structure of DNA. Dr. Franklin’s contributions to the understanding of the fine molecular structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), RNA, and viruses have birthed a new genetic age of exploration, treatment for disease, and understanding of the mechanism of heredity in all living things.

    At our school, we strive to ignite in our students and staff a passion for learning, a commitment to innovative thinking, and a desire to transform the global community. Our dedicated teachers and support staff provide a rigorous STEM education in which students engage in integrated, hands-on, minds-on activities. Students apply the principles of mathematics and science to the real world around them. STEM education fosters fun with a purpose, reasoning skills, curiosity, perseverance, and inquisitiveness.