• Are you looking to be involved, but are unsure "WHERE" to go?  Below are the clubs offered at MAC. Contact a school counselor for more information.  Remember, be involved, be motivated, and be successful.
    1.     Jazz Band-Bennett
    2.    8th Grade Band- Mr. Bennett
    3.  7th Grade Band-Mr. Bennett
    4.  6th Grade Band-Mr. Bennett
    5.  Treble Choir- Mr. McFadden
    6.   8th Grade Choir- Mr. McFadden
    7.   7th Grade Choir- Mr. McFadden
    8.  6th Grade Choir- Mr. McFadden
    9. Chamber Orchestra- Ms. Parsons
    10.   8th Grade Orchestra- Ms. Parsons
    11.   7th Grade Orchestra- Ms. Parsons
    12.  6th Grade Orchestra- Ms. Parsons
    13. ASB Officers- Mrs. Bice/Mrs.Evans
    14.  Leadership- Mrs. Bice
    15.  FCCLA- Mrs. Bice
    16.  Chess Club- Mr. Peterson
    17.  Advanced Shop- Mr. Mattson
    18.  MESA
    19. Natural Helpers- TBH
    20. Buddy Club- Mrs. Hernandez