• Dear Parents and Guardians,

         As we move forward in the new school year, it is important for you to have some information about what your students will be required to read in their English classes. At the left, you will find categories with a list of novels by grade level that are included in the district-approved English curricula. Many of you may remember some of these from your own high school or college English classes. As your students begin these novels in the next few weeks and into second semester, there may be those students or family members who are uncomfortable with the themes that these novels may depict. Many of these novels depict life and culture in its historical context, and may depict cultural, racial or ethnic prejudices that were prevalent at that time in history. If you or your student are uncomfortable with those
    types of issues, our teachers will provide an appropriate novel from the list. 

          If you have any questions about a novel that your student is reading or it’s content, you may review summaries of each one at the left.  You may also contact Ms. Krystie Mathews, English Department Chair, Mrs. Randi Cruzen, A.P. Department Chair, as well as your student’s teacher. You may always contact our office at 547-5581, ext. 3819 if you have further questions.

    With regards,


    Raul Sital