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    “Ignite world class learning for all students, resulting in thoughtful and accomplished individuals.”

    Jaime Morales    
    Jaime Morales


  • Chiawana High School opened in 2009 and is Pasco School District’s newest high school. 

    Chiawana derives its name from the Native American word for “big river” or “father of water.” The school colors are blue and silver, which also symbolize and pay homage to the mighty Columbia that winds its way past our doorstep, the silver fish within it and the deep blue of our Tri-Cities skies. Chiawana’s mascot is the riverhawk, otherwise known as the osprey, signifying strength and fortitude.
    CHS has implemented a unique and effective program, Hawk Time. Hawk Time is built into the schedule for 30 minutes every day except Thursdays. Teachers tutor and stamp student planners based on how well the student is keeping up with homework and grades. If a student is not performing at the level they should be, then they are directed to attend a a specific teacher’s class during the assigned Hawk Time. However, if a student is doing well, then Hawk Time’s 30 minutes are theirs to enjoy in the student mall with others. Hawk Time is a great program that incentivizes students to perform well in their classes and provides an opportunity for academic help within the school day. Students believe it has helped them keep up with their academics. Several school districts have come to Chiawana to observe the program in action. 

    CHS would like to remind you to “See Blue In All You Do.” To “see blue” is to choose to operate according to a moral imperative to enhance our world and to have the fortitude to do the right thing even in the face of adversity. 

    If you ever find yourself on the CHS campus, make sure to view the large mosaic art installation that features Chiawana students. Seeing Blue is composed of four images that represent the link between students and the community and is a continuous reminder to students to understand their responsibility to develop a moral and ethical grounding and to have courage to achieve.