• Pasco School District Bond 2017.

    The District is extremely grateful to our community for their support of the November 2017 bond proposal. This is the first-step in the District's multi-layered long-term approach to alleviate overcrowding and reduce the number of portables at our schools.

    Our citizen-led Community Builders group did a great job determining the District's most urgent needs to support our students and schools. Thanks to their efforts, this bond represents the collective work of our community. Our Community Builders group will begin meeting again on December 7 to continue their work on developing a long-range facilities plan to ensure all Pasco students have safe and well-maintained schools.

    Meanwhile, the District's Capital Projects Department will move forward quickly on the projects approved in the bond so that the District can open Elementary #16 in August 2019.

    Click here to watch a video explaining the November 2017 Bond Projects.

    (click the title below to learn more about each project)

    Elementary school #16
    Elementary school #17
    (link) Replace and expand Stevens Middle School.
    Middle School #4
    (link) Safety and Health Improvements: School Sites.
    Transportation and Maintenance Facilities

    The 2017 bond includes allowance for purchase of additional land for future schools. It also allows for cost contingencies to account for inflation or other events.

    Land Acquisition (for future school sites)
    Estimated Costs
    $2.0 million

    Bond Costs & Fees
    Estimated Costs

    Estimated Costs

    Estimated tax rate

     You can send questions to bondinfo@psd1.org or call 509-543-6700 to talk with someone or set up an appointment.