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    Pasco School District's PEAK! Program is a two-pronged approach that brings families, schools, and community organizations together and cultivates school and organization relationships that benefit each other.

    The PEAK! Program is designed to involve and formally recognize community organizations and businesses as partners. As a PEAK! partner, your organization can participate in school events and spread the word about services your organization provides. These opportunities also allow business volunteers to be part of a dynamic and evolving environment—the school classroom. 

    Pasco School District is always looking for a great partner. Want to learn more? Please e-mail our Community Connections Manager Ana Munguia or call 543-6743.

    You can make a difference for kids and your community.
    You can make a difference today.



    James McGee 2019-2020 PEAK Partners are:


    Advanced Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics

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