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    Welcome to the Chiawana Speech & Debate Team.  We are excited that you have shown an interest in a successful as well as rewarding program.

    Our mission is to encourage critical thinking and teach our members to be able to articulate their thoughts, while providing them a platform to do so. 

    Guiding Principles:

    1. Be critical of information
    2. Don’t be afraid to let your opinion be known.
    3. Respect everyone’s point of view and give them a safe environment in which to express themselves.
    4. Push your teammates to be the best they can be!
    5. Have a good time.

    2018 - 2019 Goals:

    1. To double the number of underclassmen on the team.
    2. Have the entire team ready to be competitive at the state level.
    3. Have multiple members place at the state tournament.

    Being a part of this program should be considered a privilege.  Winning is absolutely part of objective.

    Students may join the team through the end of December. See Mrs. Hyde in F1220 for information.


    Our 2017-18 schedule is as follows (subject to change):


    Vicky Hyde, M.Ed.  

    • Head Speech and Debate Coach/
    • National Forensics League Diamond Coach
    • NSDA Inland Empire District Chair
    • Assessment Team Lead
    • Chiawana High School
    • Room F1220
    • 8125 W. Argent
    • Pasco, WA 99301
    • (509) 543-6786 x5610
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