• Community Builders

    The Community Builders group was formed in March 2017 to help provide input and feedback from parents and community members as the District worked to address its facilities needs. The Community Builders group helped to craft the bond proposal that was approved by Pasco voters in November 2017, which provided the funding to build two new elementary schools, a new 4th middle school, and a brand-new Stevens Middle School.

    After the 2017 bond was passed, the Community Builders group focused their attention on the District's Long-Term Facilities Management Plan (LTFMP), which was approved by the Board of Directors on April 23, 2019. A summary of the LTFMP can be found below. The entire document will be published on the PSD website in the near future.

  • 2019-2032 Long-Term Facilities Management Plan

    On March 26, 2019, the Pasco School District Board of Directors approved the following information to be assimilated into a comprehensive document outlining the Pasco School District’s approach to managing our facilities inventory.

    Facilities Operational Expectations

    Improve learning and achievement for each student and employee by ensuring operations, facilities planning and resources for a safe, effective and nurturing learning environment through the development of a long-term plan that establishes priorities for construction, renovation/replacement and maintenance projects.

    Guiding Principles

    Established in collaboration with the stakeholders and the School Board, the following guiding principles help frame the work and decision making specific to facilities management:

    • Consider district goals: Outrageous Outcomes
    • Engage the community
    • Build to meet capacity needs
    • Ongoing analysis of projected growth and development to align with future building sites
    • Bond projects considerations
      • Keep up with aging buildings
      • Growing enrollment
    • Bond measures parameters
      • Target amount to around $100M
      • 4-year frequency beginning in 2020
      • Bond measure components approach
        • Relatively detailed for Bonds 1 and 2, and if possible for 3
      • Establish a target rate
      • Develop a project timeline for enrollment and capacity to intersect with forecasts and future planned buildings
    • Reassess the Long-Term Facilities Management Plan on a regular schedule (i.e. every 2 years)
    • Standardize school design for each level
    • Standardize educational and design specifications, including materials and equipment

    Recommendation for School Sizes

    • Elementary Schools:  700 to 800 students
    • Middle Schools:  900 to 1300 students
    • High Schools:  2000 to 2600 students

    Recommendation for Site Sizes

    • Elementary Schools: 10 – 15 acres
    • Middle Schools:  20 – 40 acres
    • High Schools:  35 – 70 acres


    Bond Timeline Scenario

    bond scenario timeline   

    district enrollment projections