• We are looking to create a MAC Alumni Wall of Fame!


    What better way to inspire, and motivate the next generation of students passing through our walls?!  We are wanting to create posters that include the following information for placing in our school walls for students to see:

    1. A Picture of YOU!

    2. Years at MAC!

    3. A Quote from you! (Inspire, Motivate, or Share)

    4. Your Job/Career!

    5. Your College, Schooling, or Training!


    That's easy to do!

    This is your chance to send a message to students!  Help them see the paths ahead of them!  Motivate them to rise above the challenges!  Give them advice for perseverance!  Who helped you to succeed? Best of all, IT'S FREE!  Take a moment, send us an email with the information listed above and we will take care of the rest!  We'll even send you a picture of your poster! 


    While you're here, forward this page onto any other MAC Alumni who can also be featured in our distinguished Wall of Fame!


     To share your journey and wisdom with our students: