• Return to School

  • PSD's transportation department has developed several dozen bus routes to transport students as we welcome all students back to their classrooms with the implementation of our Blended Learning model. You can view a rundown of these bus routes by clicking on the link below:

    PSD Blended Learning Bus Routes

    It's important to note that all passengers will be required to wear face masks and complete a daily health screening before riding a school bus as precautions against spreading COVID-19. 

    Families are encouraged to walk, bike, or drive their students to and from school, if possible. Students are also encouraged to wash their hands, or use hand sanitizer, when they leave their home or classroom immediately before boarding the bus. 

    Pasco School District is implementing the following guidelines from the Washington Department of Health for bus transportation and COVID-related safety:

    • Keep riders as far apart as possible on the bus.
    • Require assigned seating. 
    • If possible, seat students with household members or members of their school group/cohort. 
    • Maximize outside air flow and keep windows open as much as possible. 
    • Encourage walking or biking where safe.
    • Have caregivers drive students to school, if possible. 
    • Riders and staff members must wear a cloth face coverings or acceptable alternatives.
    • Encourage students to wash or sanitize hands when they leave their home or classroom immediately before boarding the bus. 
    • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces, including the tops and backs of seats. Use an EPA registered product and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use.