• Building Schools, Building Community

    Pasco School District is not just building schools, we’re building and enhancing our community. On March 26, 2019, the Board of Directors approved the Long-Term Facilities Management plan to address facility needs for the district. The plan includes the addition of a new comprehensive high school. Our district's parent and community volunteers provide tremendous support every day to our schools. Please consider sharing your talents by completing an application to serve on a soon to-be-formed Pasco School District Comprehensive High School #3 Planning Task Force.

    The group will be charged with the review, study, and evaluation of research and best practices for high school facility learning environments. The work will also include developing a set of initial conceptual facility design ideas for the Superintendent and School Board. The goal is for the task force to be fully formed by July 19, 2019. The plan is to schedule meetings from 6:30-8:30 p.m. to regularly meet on Wednesdays at either the Booth Building Board Room, Chiawana High School or Pasco High School, up to twice a month from August 2019 through May 2020.

    The first meeting has been scheduled for August 7, 2019. While meetings are expected to be consistently carried out according to the dates listed, please note that they are subject to change based on circumstances that warrant adjustments.

    Task Force members will be selected based on achieving a balanced representation of experiences, perspectives and geographic locations as listed below.

    Selection process criteria will include:

    • Area of residence (balanced representation of east, central and west)
    • Diverse representation reflective of the District and community
    • Experience considering complex issues and perspectives
    • Demonstrated ability to compromise and build consensus on complex topics
    • Desire to innovate and collaborate
    • Familiarity with group processes
    • Commitment to meetings and Task Force activities
    • Demonstrated interest in the Pasco School District
    • Pasco district school experience (e.g., parents)
    • Experience with community engagement and planning 
    • Expertise in relevant areas (i.e. municipal planning, business industry, community organizations, etc.)