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    (Posted: March 29, 2020) As we prepare for Week 3 of this statewide school closure, we have some updated information we want to share with Pasco families: 

    Food Service Update 

    PSD will be delivering free student meals to two additional neighborhoods, starting this week. On Monday (3/30), PSD will start delivering meals to the Silver Creek apartments on Chapel Hill Boulevard. On Tuesday (3/31), PSD will start delivering meals to the Broadmoor apartments, also located on Chapel Hill Blvd. Staff members will be distributing sack lunches and breakfasts for the next day, starting at 11:00 a.m. 

    Also starting on Monday, the District will be consolidating some meal distribution sites at our schools. Students from Captain Gray STEM Elementary and the Early Learning Center can now pick up their meals at Pasco High School. Students from Stevens Middle School can now pick up meals at Chess Elementary. Students from Whittier Elementary can now pick up meals at Curie STEM Elementary. Students from McLoughlin Middle School can now pick up their meals at Livingston Elementary. Students from Three Rivers Elementary can now pick up meals at Chiawana High School. A full list of meal distribution locations is available on our website.

    Educational Resources 

    The second weekly activity packet for students is ready. This packet will include activities for students in grades K-8, and they are available for download on our website. Paper copies of these materials will be available during meal distributions at school sites for families that do not have computer access. The packets will be available during the food service distribution from 11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. 

    Playground Structures Closed 

    In an effort to encourage social distancing to reduce the spread of COVID-19, our playground structures are temporarily closed. Playgrounds will reopen once our schools return to their normal schedules. Thank you for your understanding. 

    We will continue to share additional information for staff and families and we appreciate your attention to our communications. We will share this information via email, text message and the PSD smartphone app, as well as posting on our website and social media channels.

    For any questions regarding the District's COVID-19 (coronavirus) response, please email COVID19info@psd1.org

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