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    Mrs. Henning's Music Classroom online

    Music is around us everywhere. At Robinson, we know it is important for children to have every opportunity to enjoy and be trained musically. Research shows that musical training helps develop areas of the brain that arrelated to language and reasoning. Songs help seal that information onto young minds. Children who engage in music are more successful in school.  

    In our music classes, the children experience the joy of singing, learning to play various instruments, recognize rhythm and notes, read music on the staff, and acquire many other skills in accordance with the Washington State Standards.  

    The music curriculum for K-5 is Spotlight on Music. It incorporates various philosophies of teaching music using songs, history, social studies, listening of great composers and contemporary music, as well as singing in many other languages. 

    Students learn to be responsible, respectful, safe, and become problem-solvers through their experiences in the music class