"Eight out of ten jobs in America do not require a college degree, but most do require training."



    Some CTE classes are Tech Prep classes and students can earn college credits for  those classes, giving them a head start in further training.

    Career and Technical Education:

    • Provides motivation: Engages imagination with learning that is fun and relevant. 

    • Allows career exploration: Helps teens plan their careers and preview professions before graduation. 

    • Connects them to the outside world: Hands-on internships and CTE courses provide valuable work-related experience. 

    • Helps pay for college: A well-rounded high school education that includes CTE can make your teen more attractive to scholarship committees and admissions offices. 

    • Jump starts further education:  Receive both high school and college credit at the same time, without you having to pay tuition! 

    • Develops employability skills:  Encourages teamwork, problem solving, communication, and project management...skills needed in every career!

    • Career Pathways: Help students identify direct relationships between high school courses and post secondary plans.