• Mrs. ChallenderGreetings to our school community!

    Spring is here and we’re quickly checking off activities:  including Senior Project presentations, ourfirst Student Shadow day, Senior Honor Assembly, ATP Celebration and best ofall graduation. Wow, where has time gone? It seems we were just planning towelcome our new students to school in the fall and then suddenly it was the endof the first semester. I am proud to say at the end of the first semester atotal of 21 students completed their high school requirements, including fiveof our teen parents, one of which is doing it a semester early. Then to reallymake our spring shine we were honored by ATP as the “School of the Year” and our PEAK Partner Fat Boy Fleet Services washonored as the “Peak Partner of theYear”.  Last Friday we honored 46students at graduation, recognizing them academically inspite of adversity.This has been an amazing school year!

     This much I know aboutour 2010-11 school year, our staff and students have been more involved andvisible in the community than ever. Let me recap a few of the highlights andgive you a glimpse of things to come. Floriculture,weekly bouquets are being distributed to offices to brighten our day. Ourstaff paid a monthly fee to enjoy the pleasures of fresh flowers. They alsoprepared the flowers for numerous community events including the HispanicChambers Gala, Sun Rise Rotary’s Scholarship Breakfast and many more. Teen Mom’s were honored by localphotographers and treated to a free Senior portraits-beautiful, everyone ofthem! Our Jewelry students went onan adventure in the big city of Seattle and came home with honors at the state“Pass the Torch” jewelry competition.They also have been hired to complete commission jewelry work for privateindividuals, who unsurprisingly come back for more! Ag Science  students arebuilding raised beds to accommodate the peppers they grew in CHS green housethat will be used in a partner project with CBC’s Agriculture Dept!  Our Photographystudents have blessed us with many memorable pictures which are featured inthe school yearbook. And mentioning that Yearbook,it’s amazing!  In Marketing they have once again “Wow’d” us with a new series ofposters around “Destination Graduation”.Team Destination Graduation againhas been out in the community and state wide sharing their stories and thoughtsaround the issues of high school drop outs and making every students destination graduation. Did I mention we havestrong Afterschool programs?  Leadership class for credit, basketball and amusic studio up and running! Please encourage your child to take advantage ofthe after school programs we have which offer tutoring and many otherextracurricular opportunities—they can even earn more credit!

    Remember Summerschool sign-ups are going on now—students can earn 1 credit during oursummer school classes and more through AVENTA online learning in the afternoon.

    We strive to be efficient in seeking innovative ways forstudents to earn credit …bringing them just that much closer to graduation!Contact our office for more information, 543-6796.

    Let’s put the last of the cool spring days behind us andstart thinking “SUMMER”!

    Warmest regards, 

     Ms. Rasmussen