• School sites may be closed, but learning is still an expectation. Teachers are contacting students through student emails, phone, and Teams. Some teachers are holding online classes as well; see the calendar for when Virtual Classes are scheduled. 

    Student expectations for learning include:

    • Independent reading for 30 minutes, five days per week
    • Practice instruments or music as directed by their music teacher
    • Physical exercise as directed by their PE/Health teacher
    • Complete all math assignments 
    • Complete district weekly lessons 
    • Respond to teacher emails
    • Ask questions 

    For questions, please call (509) 543-6742.

    Information about grading can be found at https://www.psd1.org/Page/11478/

  • During the site closure, students may find they need help with their laptops. Parents/guardians and students can contact Helpdesk directly at (509) 543-6710 for technology support. If the student needs to exchange the laptop or get a new charging cord, please contact the school at (509) 543-6742.