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    Linda Grover

    Art Specialist

    Virgie Robinson Elementary


    Art Resources for Learning from Home

    Here are some great resources for interactive websites for kids to learn and explore the visual arts online. Some include videos or games, others are interactive tours of museums, and some include tools for young artists to create art.

    www.metmuseum.org This is the Metropolitan Museum of Art site. Click the “Online Features” tab, then scroll down to #MetKids.

    www.nga.gov This is the National Gallery of Art site. Go to the “Education” tab, then scroll down to NGAKids.

    www.moma.org This is the Museum of Modern Art sits. Scroll down to “Teach art from home” tab for lots of resources, downloadable books and pages, and activities.

    www.tinypop.com Click on the “art palette and brush” at the top of the page to go the Artpad. Artists can scribble, draw, paint, splat, and use the stickers tool.

    https://permadi.com Click on the “kaleidoscope painter” tab to create symmetrical designs.

    www.haringkids.com Click all around the tabs on this site to discover an interactive coloring book and lessons for parents and teachers.

    www.artforkidshub.com This site includes links to drawing lesson videos.

    www.deepspacesparkle.com This site includes a variety of art lessons, including an “emergency sparkle kit” of free lessons

    www.mcharpermanor.com This site features a variety of art lessons and includes an interesting blog. The first blog entry describes ways to modify materials for working from home.