New Horizons

  • Welcome to FCE!

    FCE Chairs: Jason O'leary, Carolyn Cox, & Devin Olson

    PEAK! Partners
    peak partners
  • FCE is our new name for Action Team for Partnerships (ATP).

    Please, join our efforts to expand the opportunities for students and families!
    Phone number: 509-543-6796
  • 2019/2020
    Meetings held at NHHS:
    November 14th    6:30 commons area with
                                  light refreshments
    December 5th      3:15 room 141
    January 16th       Cancelled
    February 6th        6:30pm at Vinny's Bakery
                                  light refreshments provided
    March 12th          3:15 room 141
    April 2nd             Cancelled
    May 14th             Zoom meeting
    June 4th              Zoom meeting details forthcoming
    We look forward to seeing everyone. Please join us!