• Pasco School District views the use of electronic resources as central to the delivery of its educational program.

    • By providing each secondary student a laptop computer to use at school and at home, Pasco School District intends to enable an engaging, collaborative, self-directed and empowering learning environment.

    • It is the District's goal that students will safely learn, share, collaborate, think critically and solve problems to success in a modern, digital world.

     Overview of the Pasco School District 1-1 program, describing the various components as well as student and parent responsibilities. 

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  • How can I monitor my child's laptop activity?

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     1:1 Student/Parent Handbook

    A stakeholder group of parents, students, and staff created a handbook that brings some concreteness to a 1:1 initiative in Pasco. The stakeholder group identified guiding principles for the 1:1 initiative and studied approaches from two dozen other school districts, identifying areas that could be replicated, adjusted and avoided in a Pasco implementation. The current version of the handbook is below

    Device Insurance Protection Plan

    Pasco School District offers an optional and inexpensive annual protection plan for parents/guardians to lessen the financial burden should an incident occur.

    $20 – base Protection Plan fee

    $10 – Protection Plan fee for families qualifying for free or reduced meal prices

    •    (50% Discount for students not making a claim the prior school year (responsible care)

    •    Families with multiple children will only be required to pay two Protection Plan fees to cover all district devices within the family.   




    Pasco has set the following timeline for its 1:1 Initiative rollout.

    2018-19 School Year

    - Launch initiative at McLoughlin, Stevens, and Ochoa middle schools. Partial rollout (grade 9-10) at Delta High School

    2019-20 School Year

    - Launch initiative at Pasco, Chiawana, New Horizons and the remainder of Delta High School