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COVID-19 Dashboard

  • Pasco School District's COVID-19 Dashboard summarizies data reported by staff, families, and the Benton-Franklin Health District (BFHD) regarding enrolled students and staff who have tested positive for COVID-19 and are (or were scheduled to be) physically present at district locations during their infectious period.

    When there is a confirmed case, the school's COVID Support Team completes the necessary investigation and makes the required notifications. The district regularly meets with BFHD to review case rates, COVID protocols, and safety recommendations.

    All cases in schools or child care that meet the criteria below are required to be reported to the Benton-Franklin Health District as a suspected outbreak of COVID-19 (WAC 246-101):

    • At least 5 cases within a specified core group meeting criteria for a COVID-19 case from a positive test;


    • Multiple COVID-19 cases from positive tests comprising at least 20% of students, teachers, or staff within a specified core group;


    • The following three criteria are met:
      1. Cases have a symptom onset or positive test result within 7 days of each other, and
      2. There is no evidence that transmission was more likely to have occurred in another setting (e.g., household or outside social contact) outside of the school or child care, and
      3. Cases were epidemiologically linked in the school or child care setting or a school-or child-care sanctioned extracurricular activity.

    In the event of an outbreak, the district will work with BFHD to determine if transmission is occurring in the school setting and any mitigation steps that may be necessary.

Last Modified on February 28, 2023