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    Local Military Recruiters
    Air Force — Staff Sergeant Russell Seachrest: Kennewick Office: 509-735-2938, email:  russell.sechrest@us.af.mil
    Army - Sergeant Andres Lopezlicea, Kennewick Office: 509-735-3532, email: andres.lopezlicea@mail.mil
    Army National Guard - SGT Joseph Harris: 509-222-9598
    Coast Guard - David F. Patterson, Recruiter, Vancouver Office: 360-669-1045, email: david.f.patterson@uscg.mil
    Marines - Sergeant Andrew W. Stone, Kennewick Office, 509-783-1381, email: andrew.stone@marines.usmc.mil
    Navy -  Recruiter, FC2 Brian Sanchez, Kennewick Office: 509-783-1461, email: brian.b.sanchez@navy.mil
    Military Service Academies
    Navy - Annapolis, Maryland
    Ace the ASVAB Thinking about  joining the United States Military...take the practice test. The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery(ASVAB) is made up of verbal, math, and technical tests. Your score is one of the main factors determining what jobs will be available to you.