• Coming Soon - Bond 2023: Building Bright Futures

  • Pasco School District is running a bond in February 2023 as a part of our Long-Term Facilities Management Plan, which addresses ways to alleviate overcrowding in our schools and improve learning and achievement for students in our district.
    The City of Pasco projects a growth in the population of 50,000 within the next 20 years leading to continued enrollment growth for Pasco schools. The bond 2023 preliminary scope includes adding a new comprehensive high school #3 and a small innovative high school which would create room for 2,600 students, alleviating overcrowding in current high schools and allowing room for enrollment growth. 

Bond 2023 Scope

  • Comprehensive High School #3

     • 2,000 seats
    • Location: Rd 60 and Burns Rd.

    Small Innovative High School
    • 600 seats
    • Location: Salt Lake near Curie STEM Elementary

    Athletic Field
    • new softball field at Pasco High School

    Career & Technical Education (CTE) Modernization
    • enhanced equipment in Chiawana and Pasco High Schools
    room for growth

Bond Rates

  • taxpayer portion of the overall bond scope = $195.5M

    estimated tax rate increase of $0.46 per $1,000 of assessed property value


Tax Scenarios

  • Below are property tax scenarios showing the difference of .46 from the current tax rate of $1.85 in 2022 and an estimated tax rate of $2.31 in 2024. 

    Assessed Value $250,000 $350,000 $450,000
    AV (in thousands) x the Levy Rate $250 x $0.46 $350 x $0.46 $450 x $0.46
    Est. tax increase (annually) $115 ($9.58/month) $161 ($13.42/month) $207 ($17.25/month)