Why Bond 2023?

  • Pasco School District is running a bond in February 2023 as a part of our Long-Term Facilities Management Plan, which addresses ways to alleviate overcrowding in our schools and improve the learning environment for students in our district. Our comprehensive high schools are overcapacity!

    Chiawana High School

    • #1 largest high school in the state
    • Built to serve 2,348 students
      • Current enrollment = 3,164 students
      • 816 students overcapacity
    • 960 students in portables 

    Pasco High School

    • #6 largest high school in the state
    • Built to serve 1,808 students
      • Current enrollment = 2,504 students
      • 696 students overcapacity
    • 870 students in portables

    Did you know that 1,800 students between both high schools are being served in portable classrooms every day? That's the size of two of our middle schools. 

    Chiawana High School (pictured below) has 16 portables, which provide 32 classrooms and serve up to 960 students per day. Pasco High School has 20 portables, which provides 29 classrooms and serves up to 870 students per day. 
    Chiawana high school portables

Bonds are for Building

  • How are bonds different than a levy? Bonds are for new construction, remodels, or major facility renovations.

    Thank you to voters for approving our November 2017 bond, which allowed us to:

    • Build Three Rivers Elementary & Columbia River Elementary
    • Replace & Expand Stevens Middle School
    • Build Reynolds Middle School
    • Complete Safety & Health Improvements at School Sites
    • Build Transportation & Maintenance Facilities

    Learn more by visiting our 2017 bond webpage.

Bond 2023 Scope

  • Comprehensive High School #3
    • Similar to Chiawana and Pasco High Schools 
    2,000 seats
    • Location: Rd 60 and Burns Rd.

    Small Innovative High School: Career and College Academy
    • Similar to Delta High School, but for Pasco students only.  
    • 600 seats   
    • Purpose: For every student to graduate with a credential or industry certification, and hands-on experience, to move into their career or educational path beyond high school.
    • Any Pasco student can attend and entry will be based on a lottery.
    • If students want to participate in athletics, clubs, or other classes or activities that aren't available at the small innovative school, they can still participate through their zoned comprehensive high school.
    • Location: Salt Lake near Curie STEM Elementary

    Athletic Field & Facility Improvements
    • including girls' softball field at Pasco High School

    Career & Technical Education (CTE) Enhancements and Modernizations
    • modernized learning spaces for Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs at Pasco and Chiawana High Schools  
    Land Purchases
    room for growth

Bond Rates

  • taxpayer portion of the overall bond scope = $195.5M

    estimated tax rate increase of $0.31* per $1,000 of assessed property value

    * bond rates may change due to fluctuations in lending market interest rates and changes in annual assessed property values.


Tax Scenarios

  • Below are property tax scenarios showing the difference of $0.31 from the current tax rate of $1.85 in 2022 and an estimated tax rate of $2.16 in 2024. 

    Assessed Value $250,000 $350,000 $450,000
    AV (in thousands) x the Bond Rate $250 x $0.31 $350 x $0.31 $450 x $0.31
    Est. tax increase $6.46/month $9.04/month $11.63/month


  • + What if I have questions?

  • + What is a bond?

  • + Why does the district need a bond measure?

  • + What is required for a bond to pass?

  • + What will the bond rate be?

  • + Is there a tax break for senior citizens?

  • + How do I register to vote?

  • + When do we vote?