Tech Support
  • PIXel is lucky enough to have a support structure to triage and direct students to the correct troubleshooting party initially, minimizing impacts on instruction. When students & staff experience a problem with a piece of software or application, they can contact PIXel office on the direct line 509-543-6701 Ext 4894. or schedule an appointment with Mrs. Kerr (A.M)  or Mr. Mejia (P.M)

Mrs. Kerr
  • Mrs. Kerr (509-543-6701 Ext 4894)

    Monday - Friday 8:00 - 12:30


Mr. Mejia
  • Self Help Support and Frequently Asked Questions:

    When students experience a technical problem, they will follow the below support path.

    1. Students try to fix the problem.

    a. Always try restarting the device as the first step in troubleshooting.

    b. If unable to access the internet, ensure that wireless is enabled, and the device is connected to a network and other devices on that network (eg. phone) can connect to the Internet.

    2. If the student is unable to resolve the problem, the student contacts the Information Systems HelpDesk at 509-543-6710. HelpDesk will attempt to resolve the issue remotely. If HelpDesk is unable to fix the issue, they will direct the student to swap out the device at the Pixel Office. HelpDesk will inform Pixel that they directed a student to swap our device.

    3. If HelpDesk support isn’t available, and the student is unable to access instruction due to the technical issue, the student will call the Pixel office at 509-543-6701 Ext 4892 pr 4893 and request support.

    a. Pixel office will notify HelpDesk of the emergency via the email instructions below. Include a brief description of the issue and whether HelpDesk should contact Pixel staff or the student/family directly