• PIXeL Enrollment Q & A

    Q: How do I register my student for PIXeL?

    A: Visit our registration page! Please note that we will only open grade levels for registration where there are open spots. 

    Q: If I apply, is my student guaranteed to be accepted?

    A: We will accept students on a first come-first serve basis. We will only accept as many students as we have room for and availability of services. While students with disabilities are served, all students on IEPs will require an IEP team meeting first to review needs, space available, and availability of appropriate services.    

    Q: How soon will I know if my student has been accepted?

    A: Our goal is to have a 24 hour turn around for notification of acceptance into PIXeL.

    Q: If I have more than one student to enroll, will all my kids k-8 be able to be in PIXeL?

    A: We will only accept students that we have room for. 

    Q: If I don’t know how to apply online what do I do?

    A: Please call our Clerk or Secretary for registration support.

    • Mrs. Navarrete at 543-6701 Ext- 4893             
    • Mrs. Maldonado at 543-6701 Ext- 4892