• Positive Discipline Plan


    Dear Students and Parents,


    Welcome to Virgie Robinson Elementary!  I want to inform you of the Robinson Elementary Positive Discipline plan that we have developed.  The plan is the result of our belief that everyone can and should be responsible for their actions, both positive and negative.


    The main part of our plan will be centered around our school’s five umbrella rules that have been established for use in all areas of the school.  The Behavior program is called. 

    The High Five Behavior Program.  The five umbrella rules are:


    1. Be Respectful
    2. Be Responsible
    3. Follow Directions
    4. Be There and Be Ready
    5. Keep Hands and Feet To Yourself


    Each grade level team of staff members will be establishing grade level discipline procedures for students that fail to follow the High Five rules. All students will be expected to follow the High Five rules and the resulting team discipline plan.


    Those students who follow the High Five rules will be nominated by staff to receive an award during our student recognition assemblies.  Each grade level team may establish other ways to honor those students.  Any student who reacts to the High Five rules in a negative way will be held responsible for his/her actions.  In general, the following steps will be taken:


    1. The student will be given a time out from the regular activity and be given time to reflect upon their actions.


    1. Depending on the developmental stage of the child staff members will either give the child a High Five Problem Solving Form or facilitate this thought process by asking the following questions:

    ·        Which High Five rule did you fail to follow?

    ·        Describe what you did.

    ·        How did your behavior cause a problem?

    ·        What could you do next time to show responsible behavior?

    ·        Is there anything I can do to help you?


    1. The staff member and student will, as a result of the time-out and discussion, arrive at a verbal and/or written responsibility agreement.


    1. If negative behavior continues or the behavior responsibility agreement is not followed, the teacher will do one of the following:  Contact the family, give another consequence or the student will be referred to the counselor, vice principal, or principal where the student will be counseled and receive sanctions for their behavior. 


    Depending on the severity of the behavior and/or the repetition of poor behavior you shall be contacted.


    Student, staff and parent communication and support is the key to the entire process of working to develop student responsibility for their actions. In summary, we have developed a positive discipline plan where the students are given responsibility for following the Hive Five rules and any resulting guidelines from grade level teams.  We will honor those who behave in a positive fashion and work to facilitate a behavior plan for those who do not.  Communication and support between our school and the child’s home is important to the entire process.




    Megan Nelson