Parent Involvement
    Recognizing that a child’s educational success is dependent upon a partnership between Home and School, parent input will be solicited to help design programs of both academic and social instruction using Title 1, Bilingual, and LAP funds for staff, materials, and training. Longfellow parents will be encouraged to be involved throughout the school year in several ways:

    • Monthly meetings will be announced in the newsletter and in a flyer sent home.
    • Parent Education opportunities will be offered, which will include School District and State conferences or meetings.
    • An annual survey of parents will be conducted for their evaluation and suggestions on current programs.
    • Parents will also have the opportunity at both Open House and Parent Conferences to give input to teachers concerning current programs.
    • Parents will be asked to support the Parent-Student-Teacher Compact in order to maintain a home and school connection for student success.
    • Parents, family, and friends, will be invited to participate in school activities and celebrations such as Field Trips, plays, and musical performances.
    • Parents are encouraged to serve as volunteers in the classroom reading with children in a one-to-one format.