• cougars

    Nora Flores

    Student Enrollment (Oct 1, 2015): 648
    Brick and Mortar Classrooms: 23
    Portable Classrooms: 7

  • Robert Frost Elementary was originally opened in 1964 on 22nd Avenue with an award-winning “California” design. We often wondered why anyone would think that a school with open, outside hallways was a good idea in Pasco’s chilly winters. The current Frost building held its first day of school on Sept. 2, 1998, after Pasco voters agreed to pay the cost of a new school in a May 1996 bond election. The school’s design emulates that of Longfellow Elementary. The school’s name is a tribute to the great early 20th century American poet and thinker, Robert Frost. Known for his realistic depictions of rural life, Frost earned four Pulitzer Prizes for Poetry. 

    Frost Elementary, like many Pasco schools provides Spanish bilingual education classes. However, it is unique because it provides bilingual education in Russian. Subjects in bilingual classrooms are taught in students' primary language as they acquire English. Seventy-eightstudents are enrolled in the school’s K–5th grade Russian late exit transitional bilingual program. The Spanish Bilingual Spectrum Program is also housed at Frost. This program has98 students enrolled in kinder through 5th grade. In addition, Frost has two Structured Learning classrooms for students who need extra support both socially and academically. Frost Elementary holds daily drawings for students who have earned Cougar Paws, an incentive program recognizing students for doing their best, helping others, solving problems, making good decisions, and showing respect.