• Parent Involvement
    To enable success for our students, a strong partnership between Home and School is essential. Parents are always welcome at Rowena Chess. By working together, we can make a difference for all of our children. There are many ways in which parents can be involved in their child’s education.

    Chess ParentsAnnual Survey: An annual survey of parents will be conducted for their evaluation and suggestions on current programs.

    Open House and Parent Conferences: Parents will also have the opportunity at both Open House and Parent Conferences to give input to teachers concerning current programs.

    Parent-Student-Teacher Compacts: Parents will be asked to support the Parent-Student-Teacher Compact in order to maintain a home and school connection for student success.

    Parental Support: Parents will be asked to support their children at home by reading with them each night and helping them to establish homework routines.

    School Activities: Parents will be invited to be involved in school activities, including: field trips, reading buddies, musical performances, family involvement activities, and much more!

    We are eager to work with you to make the best learning opportunities for your children!