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    Mr. Joe Jisa

    Joe Jisa

    Student Enrollment (Oct 1, 2015): 795
    Brick and Mortar Classrooms: 20
    Portable Classrooms: 13

  • Ruth Livingston came to Pasco in 1911. She was a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and had been a high school Latin teacher in Wisconsin. 

    Livingston was appointed to the Pasco School Board in 1926. She was subsequently elected to the Board and served continuously for 25 years until she resigned in 1951. 

    She received state-wide recognition for her services to schools and children. Livingston served as State Vice President of the Parent Teachers Association and was state president of 4-H leaders. She served on the State Board of Education and was also elected Franklin County Auditor. Ruth Livingston Elementary was named in her honor when it opened in 1978. 

    Livingston Elementary houses the District’s English Spectrum Program for highly capable students. Students in the top 10% from around the District participate in advanced, project-based instruction that challenges and enriches them. Livingston also has two special education resource rooms, one self-contained class, and a life skills classroom. It is one of just two schools in the District that does not have a bilingual program. 

    Livingston Elementary has been named a School of Distinction for the last four consecutive years. The award, which is given annually by the Center for Educational Effectiveness, is presented to the top 5% of highest improving schools in the state that are at or above the state average. In 2010 Livingston was the only school in the entire Tri-Cities to earn the “Exemplary” rating on the State Board of Education’s Performance Index. Well done Leopards!