• PALS - "Parents And Leaders for Students"
    President - Chenyn Johnson - chenynjohnson05@gmail.com                                                                                         
    Vice President -
    Volunteer Coordinator - Betsy Kemp  - betsywetsy99@hotmail.com  
    Treasurer - Kristi Voss - ckvfarms@gmail.com
    PALS meets at 1:45 in Markham's Library on 2nd Wednesday; childcare is provided based on staffing availability.  Children are welcome.   

    PALS aims to enhance the school's sense of community and to be a link between students and teachers by arranging activities and events at the school for families to participate in.  

    If your child goes to Markham, you ARE a member of PALS!  Come to a meeting, help plan some fun school events for your child, and meet some new faces!!!!  PALS is always looking for some fresh ideas.