18th Annual
     Sponsored by Gesa Credit Union
    PSD Enterprise 2018 will be held on CBC's Pasco Campus March 26-30, 2018. 
    Enterprise is a partnership with the local community and the Pasco School District. This program provides our senior students with the opportunity to apply what they learn in a real-world setting while giving back to their community.

    Students are grouped into small “consulting firms” where they work together to create a solution to one of six community challenges.

    Each student firm is paired with a business professional or community member to guide and mentor them! 

    Program Benefits

    Throughout the program students will

    •Relate school subjects to the workplace
    •Collect, organize, and analyze information
    •Demonstrate skills as potential employees
    •Develop relationships with the community
    •Learn business, problem solving, communication, teamwork, leadership, marketing, and finance skills
    Why Change? 
    This new concept provides more of a career interest choice to the students and moves the experience from theoretic to the real world. Ideally, the community partners would take the best of the student’s solutions and implement them to make changes in our community. Students will not only be gaining skills in team work, time management, leadership, problem solving, business, marketing, finance, ethics, presentations, and so much more; students will view their community from a new perspective and learn that having a voice can make a difference and is valued, even now. 
    Watch the Enterprise Video http://vimeo.com/109183687