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    Student Health and Safety
    Pasco School District cares about the health and safety of each one of its students. Parents, guardians, and students are encouraged to view the information and policies posted here to learn more about district rules regarding bullying and intimidation, child abuse, drug and tobacco-free schools, and more.  Check the Discipline Handbook for Students and Parents for more information.

    Inclement Weather MessageInclement Weather:
    Given the nature of Pasco's winters, make sure you have read the district's inclement weather message.

    phoneIt is IMPERATIVE that parents/guardians make certain the school office has up-to-date information on where parents or a designated alternate may usually be reached throughout the day in case of emergencies. Please notify the school any time a home or work address and phone number changes for you and your alternate.

    Child Abuse:
    Staff members are required to report every instance of suspected child abuse or neglect to local law enforcement or state agencies and to discuss suspected evidence with the principal or school nurse. Staff members have a legal obligation to make such reports and are immune from potential liability for doing so.

    Parents/guardians are encouraged to administer necessary medication at home if possible. If necessary, a physician can order appropriate medication to be administered at school if such an order is accompanied by a signed parental permission form. Any medication to be given (prescription or over-the-counter) must be ordered by a physician in writing on the parental permission form. All medications will be kept in the school office and must be in the original containers. Any exceptions to this must be cleared through the school nurse. It is recommended that medication be carried to and from school by an adult.

    If your child has any unusual health conditions, please notify the school.

    Any child with a rash, fever of 100º or higher, diarrhea, vomiting, cough, or heavy cold should be kept home from school. If your child becomes ill with a communicable disease, please notify the school. These measures will help us prevent the spread of infection.
Last Modified on December 8, 2008