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Important Parent Message (1/27/23)

January 27th, 2023


CHS Students and Families,


With ever changing circumstances in society, student safety in our schools is becoming a topic of conversation daily. We have been evaluating how we can continue to make Chiawana more secure and safe for students.


Starting Wednesday, February 1st, we will begin implementing the following protocols during the two lunch blocks:


• Entry to the cafeteria during lunch will be limited to a set number of doors on both east end and west end of the cafeteria.

• Cafeteria entry doors and main office entry doors will be monitored by administrative and security staff.

• Students may be asked to verify if they are a CHS student by showing school ID or school schedule.

• Students will be limited to lunch in cafeteria, outside seating, upper library hallway, and lower security hallway.

• Classroom hallway access will be limited to only students with approved pass from teachers/staff.


Although these changes may not be the most convenient, they are intended to maintain the safety of the school. We will continue to evaluate and adjust as needed throughout the course of the year.




Jaime Morales

Chiawana High School

Pasco School District