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Principal Robin Hay



Kestrel Families,

I wasn’t sure this school year would ever look normal and yet it finally did!  You have wonderful kids that you share with us every day and we thank you for that.

As we wind down this year, I feel that the staff students and have made great strides in teaching and learning when we were able to come back in person.  Even better was when we were all able to be in class together.  The pace of learning really picked up!

As a staff we are already working on what next year will look like for presentation of the standards at each grade level.  We will be working on fine tuning our yearlong plans at every grade level.  We will consider the impact of COVID on our ability to present all the standards this year and how we need to continue to address this next year.

One of the best things to come from the students attending in person this year was, of course, their social interaction.  We have worked hard to put in place expectations for student behavior at Columbia River Elementary this year.  We will continue to fine tune those as well next year.

Every morning we recite the Kestrel Pledge, which is:  Kestrels are Safe,        Respectful, and Responsible. Watch us Rise!  Please encourage your child to practice those character traits throughout their life.  We want to help educate great citizens here at Columbia River.

The last week of school will bring some changes to our routines.  We have worked hard to keep instruction front and center this Spring.  On Monday, June 14, we will have a Field Day.  More information will follow this.  We might be looking for a few parents to volunteer to run events.  We won’t be able to accommodate younger siblings due to social distancing requirements, though.  On Tuesday each grade level will have double their specials time, so teachers can take down their classrooms.  Students will be watching a movie in the cafeteria-gym area during this time.  We plan to have some popcorn and a drink.  If you are interested in donating, please contact me at school.  Wednesday is our last day, during which we would normally have a schoolwide assembly.  We are not able to bring all students together in this way, so plans are still underway.

We thank each of you for partnering with us when school was only online.  We realize the sacrifice and disruption to families that this caused.  I hope we never see a similar situation in my, or your, lifetime again.  Happy June!  Have a safe and healthy summer.  See you in August!


Mrs. Hay