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Principal Robin Hay

Kestrel Families,


As we enter March, we look towards Spring Conferences and Spring Break.  Please be watching your child’s backpack or Dojo for an invite for Spring Conferences.  They are March 21-24.  Students will be released at 12:30 on those days.  Spring Break follows closely behind Parent Teacher Conferences, from April 3-7.


At our PTO meeting tonight, we planned a few events for the end of the year.  We are hoping to have one more Family Movie Night.  We have one more Scholastic Book Fair coming our way.  This one is a Buy One, Get One Free Book Fair, as a thank you for the great support that you showed to us in the fall.  We would like to pair the Book Fair with an evening family event.  Possibly we can partner with Ray Reynold’s Middle School.  We are hoping to plant some new things at the school this spring with our 5th graders as well.


Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far this year and our great PTO Volunteers for all their work!


Here are some tips on Parent Teacher Conferences:


Parent-teacher conferences are valuable opportunities for educators and parents to work as a team and set a plan of action to support a child’s education.  We have one trimester left to ensure the best learning for each child.  Our staff will be prepared with current levels of learning and end of the year levels at each grade level. 


The perfect Parent-Teacher Conference is a conversation about your child and their progress.  We want each child to be progressing to their best ability.


Prepare questions that you have from the year that has passed.  Please feel free to share your desires for your child’s learning.  I feel over the past two years of in person education, we have come to know the children very well.  We want the same as you for our students, the best  education possible!




Mrs. Hay