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Principal Robin Hay

Kestrel Parents,


I hope that everyone has had an enjoyable and healthy Winter Break!  I sure loved my time.  As we return to school, please remember the health guidelines that we ask of everyone.  Any person coming into our building should self-evaluate for symptoms that could be related to COVID.  I hope that we do not see an increase in sickness as we return to school, but it is always possible.


Our PTO will be sponsoring a Winter Ball for students and families.  It will be our version of the Father-Daughter Dance that is sponsored throughout the community each year!  More information will follow after our Wednesday PTO meeting.  If anyone is interested in helping to plan this event, please contact me at the email posted below. 


I have told our students when you are kind to others it gives you a brain boost as well as the recipient of your kindness.  You can change the world with acts of kindness!  The world is in need a more kindness, so please model and encourage your children as we will be doing at school.


We will be sending out information that we have been teaching the students called Kelso’s Choice.  It is about solving small problems using a process that we are formally teaching.  Ms. Ramirez, CRE counselor, and Mrs. Johnson, Behavior Intervention Specialist, have taught each classroom the steps to follow.  Mrs. Johnson will be reviewing them over the next couple of weeks.  We know that adults who work well with others are successful and we want the same thing for our students.  I will send hard copies of the documents home as well as posting them on Class Dojo and our Webpage, .


If you have questions, concerns or suggestions regarding our work, please call the school or send an email to me,, so that we may work together to solve it.




Mrs. Hay and the Kestrel Team