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 AVID Frequently Asked Questions

1.        What are the requirements for AVID?

Generally, students in AVID have a 2.5 to 3.5 GPA and are motivated to succeed in school.

2.       Is AVID a class?

Yes. AVID is an elective class that fits in a student’s regular schedule.

3.       Is there a grade in AVID?

Yes. Because AVID is a class in the student’s schedule, there is a grade. 

4.       What do you do in AVID?

During the AVID class, students learn how to take Cornell Notes in each of their classes. They also learn test-taking strategies as well as time management and effective study skills. Students explore college and career options while working with WICOR strategies (Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, Reading to Learn). All AVID students maintain some form of an AVID binder, which holds all of their materials from all of their classes. Teachers grade students’ notes from other classes as well as give binder grades for organization in other classes. Field trips to local colleges occur each year. Each year students research careers and/or colleges they are interested in and complete a project to be displayed and discussed at a College/Career Fair night each spring.

5.       Is AVID an easy A?

No. Students in the AVID program work harder than many students because they are taught an effective way to study; AVID students put in the time and energy that other’s sometime lack. Even though students work harder, they come to realize the work is worth it when they see the benefits of the program reflected in their grades, study habits and engagement in the school community through community service, clubs and activities. 

6.       Is AVID for every student?

No. AVID is only for students who want to be in the program and will work harder to be stronger students. Sometimes parents think the program is a good idea for their student; but if the student has no desire to be a part of AVID, it will not help them. AVID is only for students who have a desire to improve and have the intrinsic motivational trait to be successful. 

7.       IS AVID a remedial program?

No. Students chosen for the AVID program demonstrate strong academic potential.

 8.       If my student enters AVID, will I see immediate results?

Not necessarily. It varies from student to student. The AVID strategies must be implemented and used continuously to see results. Students and parents that expect AVID to be a quick fix have unrealistic expectations. AVID works after the students learn the importance of the strategies and begin using them throughout middle school in ALL of their classes. Some students see results as fast as the end of first quarter, while others do not see those benefits emerge until later. 

9.   Is AVID a tutoring program?

No. AVID is not a tutoring program. However, students in AVID may be required to seek the help of free tutoring in order to keep their grades at an acceptable level.

10.   Does my student have to maintain a certain GPA to remain in AVID?

Yes. Students in the AVID program must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA and receive no Ds or Fs on grade reports. There are interventions that we take when students struggle and the students are expected to be accountable for their grades and seek help from teachers as well as other ways to improve.

11.   How are AVID students selected and notified of acceptance?

Students are evaluated on the basis of grades, attendance, discipline, standardized test scores, the written application and the interview. Final notifications will be provided by the end of May before middle school scheduling begins.

12.   What does it mean if you are wait-listed?

If you receive a letter wait-listing your student, it means further evaluation is needed before offering your student a space in the program, or the class is at full capacity. You will receive a follow up letter when a final decision has been made and/or when space becomes available.

13.   If my student signs up for the course and does not like it, can they drop it?

Students may not drop the course in the middle of the year. Students should consider the program carefully before deciding to sign up. Students and parents sign a contract for the year. At the end of the year, if a student is not progressing or is unhappy with AVID, they can request to begin the process to exit AVID.

14.   Where can I get more information about AVID?

Go to the AVID website at You can also email your counselor at the middle school or Bruce Davison (Assistant Principal and AVID Coordinator at MAC) at