PTO Board Positions

PTO Positions

President - Coordinates all activities and ensures all other officers are accomplishing their assigned tasks. Has a position on the ATP board. Communicates often with the board on any and all decisions that need to be made. Currently, this position is held by Monica Soto.

Vice President (Elect) - This is a two year commitment. The vice president serves as vice president the first year and President the next. This will add continuity to the PTO. This position is open.

Vice President - Responsibilities as assigned. Supports the president and will step in if the president is unable to attend a meeting or event. Currently, this position is held by Mayra Sojo.

Secretary - Takes minutes at all meetings. Helps with agenda’s for meetings, and any other assignments as needed.

Treasurer - Keeps records of all financial activities, makes deposits, files our taxes. Currently, this position is held by Delilah Cortez.

Volunteer Coordinator - Insures there are volunteers coordinates volunteers for activities, works with room parents. Currently, this position is held by Allison Hill.